I Can Help With…

It’s easy to feel overwhelmed by all the different ways you can get help, but the good news is you don’t need to choose! You wouldn’t tell the chef at a restaurant how to prepare your meal… you just know what you want to eat! Getting help is no different…

You probably know how you want to feel, and understand that sometimes (or maybe a lot of the time) you’re not feeling it. My role is to help you make the transition by using the best technique for you. Everyone is different, as is everyone’s situation, so whilst you might find one of the descriptions below might sound familiar, when I’m working with you it’s not a one-size-fits-all approach, each session is bespoke to your needs and progress and may include Hypnotherapy, Silent Counselling, Kinetic Shift, Havening Techniques or alternatively you may want to opt for Bio Energy Healing. (with the exception of weight loss clients)

So, whether it’s anxiety, trauma, a phobia or weight loss that you need help with get in touch and we can start you on the right path.

I can help with anxiety


What is Anxiety?

As anxiety and stress conditions are commonly internal responses to external stimuli, they can respond well to treatment with hypnotherapy. It isn’t just a thought, there are feelings that go with it. Feelings such as dizziness, nausea, shaking, palpitations or sweating. It can affect you in different ways and at different times. Anxiety is something that can persist whether or not the cause is clear to you. Perhaps you find yourself avoiding situations because you know your anxiety will kick in. This only serves as a short-term solution.

How I can help?

The approach I take is making it so you can think differently, allowing you to feel differently. After all, it’s easier to change how you feel about the outside world, rather than change the outside world.

When it feels like things are getting on top of you, it can feel incredibly overwhelming and isolating, however using a different approach allows me to help you make a significant shift in your thinking, which inevitably results in a shift in your behaviour.

Change doesn’t have to be a long-winded affair, change can happen for you quickly and effortlessly. My mission is to fix your problem as soon as possible. What would it be like if you could wake up tomorrow and be free from stress or anxiety?

I can help with trauma


What is trauma?

Trauma is a profound and often debilitating experience that can have long-lasting effects on someone’s psychological, emotional, and physical well-being. It is a response to a distressing or disturbing event(s) that overwhelms their ability to cope or integrate the experience into their life. Trauma can manifest in a wide range of ways, from acute shock to chronic anxiety, depression, and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

Trauma is a deeply personal and subjective experience. It can be caused by a variety of events, including natural disasters, accidents, violent crimes, or even interpersonal conflicts such as bullying or abuse. Trauma can also be cumulative, resulting from ongoing exposure to stressful or dangerous situations.
The impact of trauma can be profound, often leaving people feeling isolated, overwhelmed, and powerless. It can disrupt personal relationships, limit career opportunities, and hinder personal growth and development.

How can I help?

With the approach that I take and the strategies that I use in sessions, which have all been proven or created to deal with trauma, I will help you break free from the feelings and the thoughts that keep you stuck. I will help you break down the barriers and release the blocks that have stopped you from living the life you deserve.

I can help with fear & phobias


What is a Phobia?

To those who have them, they may be debilitating, and bewildering to those who don’t. They can cause a great deal of anxiety to those who have them.
By understanding how fear functions at a primal level, I provide the opportunity to eliminate fear, quickly and effortlessly. Fear is not a problem, it is only a problem when it is out of control, and holding you back from achieving what you want in life.

Simply naming the source of the fear is sometimes enough to generate a response for some people. Doing things and going places that many people take for granted can often seem overwhelming. It is possible a phobia is triggered by specific things (snakes, spiders, needles, flying, heights, etc). Or perhaps by social situations (meeting new people, public speaking, talking to members of the opposite sex, etc), and can mean that you arranged your life to avoid these.

Phobias are learnt. You are born with only two fears “built-in”… fear of falling and sudden, loud noises. All the rest are the result of something you’ve learned. Phobias are often learnt quickly. In many cases, “one-time” learning. It may have been that this was through personal experience or perhaps through witnessing the behaviour of a parent or any other one who is a significant influence in your life. As a result, that means…If you can learn to do one thing quickly, you can learn to do something else, just as quickly.

How can I help?

Through a relaxed chat, we will identify the patterns of behaviour that triggered the ‘phobic’ response, before being neutralised. For everyone the process of creating fear is different. Often there is no need to go back and explore the source of the problem. Understanding how you created the fear is more useful than knowing why.

I use a combination of therapies to make the transition both quick and effortless for you.

Get serious get slim

Weight loss

Do you want to be in control of your eating & your weight?

This approach is NOT a diet! There are no meal replacements, supplements, pills, food restrictions or any other short-term gimmick!

It is the way for you to achieve healthy, sustainable weight loss without spending hours at the gym, whilst still allowing you to eat the foods you enjoy!

Everyone knows someone who eats all the foods you want to, but maintains their figure almost effortlessly! This shows that achieving a healthy body doesn’t require you to live on bland healthy foods and exercise for hours every day… The difference is not WHAT they eat, but HOW they eat!

My approach is for anyone who is ready to Get Serious, Get Slim! Whether you just want to optimize your behaviours or if the problem is overeating and ‘snacking’ on the wrong types of food, you can take control now of your future by taking back control of your eating. You will learn the attitudes of someone who is naturally slim with this program. Is for you, the thought of being glamorous and sexy, a difficult one to reconcile with where you are now?

What Can I do?

We will look at the “why”. Why do you eat the way you do, why your eating habits are a problem if you eat emotionally, then why do you do this? You will learn how your mind & body work together so that you can use natural design to work for you! Enjoy cooking & eating guilt-free! Learn to appreciate food and consider it fuel for your body, not an enemy to do battle with! Learn why awareness of your body’s needs is an important skill, and how to develop that skill.

Over a number of sessions, you will change your mind and ‘reset’ back to your naturally healthier, slimmer self, and discover the effortless way to control your weight & eating behaviours.

This is not a diet, this is a lifestyle change, and requires your commitment to let it work for you.

As with any therapeutic procedure, your success depends on your commitment to the change in lifestyle and motivation to reduce your weight. We give 100% commitment to your success and expect the same commitment from you.