Kinetic shift

Kinetic shift

What is Kinetic shift?

Kinetic shift is rapid, dynamic and intense and not in itself the classic approach to hypnotherapy. It is active, dynamic, intuitive and energising. 

It is a 7 stage process, that is predominantly done with your eyes open and It uses client participation to work directly with the unconscious mind. 

A kinetic shift session is something that has to be experienced. It can be done content free, so there is no need to re-live past traumas, anxiety or events. This extremely powerful method is fast and is used to identify & remove negative emotions & feelings that you experience and then replace them with positive ones.

It works with the deeper part of the mind, not with the cognitive part. Imagine in your body all that past hurt, past pain and unhelpful emotions, that are stored there, now imagine how it would feel if that can be pulled out from your body and replaced with positive, happy and joyous feelings. That is kinetic shift.

What happens during a session?

During the session, you will be asked to think briefly about the problem and how it makes you feel.

I will then ask you to give me a number on how much of a problem that “thing” is. You will be asked a series of questions, of which there are no right and no wrong answers. We will then work to replace that old feeling with a happier positive feeling. To get past the “monkey mind”.

Kinetic shift uses confusion. The conscious mind can often get in the way, so creating confusion stops it from paying attention and allows me the opportunity, in that space, to get directly to that “monkey mind”. I am not only listening to what you say, but I am also looking at every movement you make. Your body language can tell so much about how you feel at that moment.

Once the changes have been made we replace those old memories and feelings with ones of moments where you can remember what it felt like to be happy, and confident, times when you felt love and joy.

When you experience this powerful technique you will know, you will feel a difference. Many people report after experiencing a Kinetic shift just once they feel a significant difference.

This process helps resolve anxiety, fears, phobias, anxiety as well as PTSD and so much more.

How Kinetic Shift came about

This technique was created by Karl Smith who after his own experience with PTSD and hypnotherapy wanted an alternative to traditional hypnotherapy. He took the best of the hypnotic methods he had learnt in his training and then spent 2 years field testing it with military and emergency services. It uses techniques and insights that have been tried and tested, including eye movement techniques, NLP and hypnotherapy.