Silent counselling

Silent Counselling

What is Silent Counselling?

Silent Counselling is a non invasive, rapid energy release, meridian based therapy. It enables you to release negative emotions that influence your life without the need to talk about past events. Some clients may not be willing or able to discuss the cause of their issue, let alone know the root cause of it.

It works by using your body’s energy system, rather than your retelling of painful events, to identify and diffuse the negative emotions that influence your life. Whether that’s anxiety, trauma, fears or phobias. Giving you the power to move on from the emotional burdens of the past into the present with positive feelings. Taking you from victim to choice.

It doesn’t change past situations but removes the triggered negative emotions that cause distress. We can’t rely on our memories when recalling incidents as they can often be incomplete, so it uses the energy in your body to find the answers and often gets to the root cause.  The blocked energy is released and restored using touch and deep breathing techniques. It releases you of fears, trauma, anxiety, phobias, grief and loss as well as emotional pain.

What happens during a session?

During the session, I will ask you to identify an event that is causing you emotional pain. This event could be something that is bothering you from your past or something you are dreading having to face in the future. You might feel that you are consciously unsure of the issue, but your subconscious mind, the mind we work with, will have an idea of what and when the issue started.

You may talk about the event if you like or you may choose to say nothing at all. It works by you briefly thinking about the event. Whilst thinking about it I help you release any of the trapped negative emotions related to the issue.
By working deeply with the subconscious mind using muscle testing. Muscle testing is where a slight force is applied to a muscle, or as done in a session using interlinked fingers. If the fingers, when pulled stay connected the muscle is strong, if they part the muscle is weak, This, in turn, gives a yes, or no response. As a result, we can find out which Meridians in the body are storing the trapped emotions. Then pressing on the specific meridians within the body and using your breath you can let go and remove the block.  Meridians are points where your body’s energy flows and where negative emotions are energetically stored. Each meridian is linked to different organs within your body. This is why when there is a block in a meridian it can lead to dis-ease and various other challenges can be present. Whether physically, mentally, emotionally or spiritually.
The flow of energy within your body is then restored, bringing back choice and allowing you the freedom to move on.

What are the benefits?

  • No need to talk about past events or trauma.
  • Assists with emotional burdens such as anger management, self-judgement, blame and low self -esteem.
  • Identifies and diffuses negative emotions caused by past events which are being triggered by events in the present.
  • Frees you of negative emotions while retaining privacy and dignity.
  • Gives you the choice and freedom to move on and make positive changes.
  • Increases self esteem & confidence.
  • Releases feelings of shame, guilt, and resentment.
  • Helps you move on from grief & loss.
  • Frees you from heartache, being hurt by people you love & anger at yourself.
  • Can get to the root cause, even if you are unsure what that is
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In conclusion, it gives you freedom from negative emotions and behaviours varying forward from past lives, the womb, birth, and childhood, right up to the present time, leaving you feeling lighter, happier and more peaceful.

Because of this approach, these sessions typically last around 2 hours so please consider this when booking your appointment, it is recommended to have at least 3 sessions.

Silent Counselling is a powerful tool, however, we have discovered that when coupled with other therapies we offer, it is even more effective. Sessions are unique and in depth and can often take you to the root cause of the problem.

silent counselling

How Silent Counselling was created

Marjorie and John Cooper are both experienced energy psychologists trained in Roger Callahan’s Thought Field Therapy methodology (TFT) with Marjorie taking it further studying Bio-Energy Healing with Michael Dalton, the architect of Bio-Energy.

They were as well-known for their methods for helping clients achieve powerful results, that they achieved a contract with the local council.

When Beth (not her real name). came for a session, but was so traumatised that she was unable to speak about it. She had been sexually abused and prostituted from the age of 5.  As a teenager, she turned to drugs and alcohol; and by the time she arrived at the clinic 18 years of age, she was already familiar with the inside of a prison.

They began the session listening and attempting to understand the small sounds that were coming out of her mouth, they both realised how traumatised Beth actually was.

They decided to try muscle testing with her, a technique developed by Roger Callahan, and instantly paired it with their knowledge of bio-energetic feedback to get simple yes/no answers to closed questions, where the response is felt in the body. They were amazed as they both started to feel how Beth was able to release some of her negative emotions during that session.

This was effectively the seed of a technique that grew into Silent Counselling.

Over the course of a few visits, Beth released a lot of her negative emotions connected to her past as if for the first time ever, she had finally shifted into a positive state with direction and purpose, as she finally felt free.

John and Marjorie continued using and evolving the method, offering it to clients as an option with unbelievable results. It had no name at that point as it was their own technique that they simply incorporated into their practice because it was proving so effective.