Tend your Inner Thoughts

Imagine someone decided to give you a bunch of flowers 💐. Perhaps they’re for a birthday 🎁, an anniversary, a thank you or simply a just because I love 💖 you. After a couple of days one or two of them die, do you throw out the whole bunch or only the dead ones?

You only take out the ones that are dead, right!!!!

Why would you throw out a lovely bouquet of flowers that may give you happy 😃 feelings or thoughts 💭 when you look at them, it could be that when you look at them they make you smile 😊. You wouldn’t ruin a whole bunch because of them. You want to make them last as long as possible right, after all someone put a lot of thought into getting you them.

So why when you have one or two bad thoughts/feelings don’t you put them to the side, instead of letting one bad thought, or one bad feeling ruin your whole day?

Learn to deal with your thoughts so that they don’t ruin your day. It’s easier than it seems. It’s a choice you make, just like choosing to keep all the flowers or get rid of them. Once that thought pops into your head you have the choice whether to let it ruin your day or to push it to the side and have a better day instead.

It’s one of the things I teach my clients all the time.