This is me…

Believe you can…

To become a hypnotherapist and to be the best possible version of myself I’ve had to go through a lot of training and the more I did the more I was able to unpack all my old feelings and get rid of all that unwanted “stuff” so that I could believe in myself.

I’ve been to the land of “what ifs” and uncertainty. Not being able to do things because I was worried about what would happen or what could go wrong. I think it started when I became a parent, I now had the responsibility of the little bundle and the need to keep her safe. Because she was premature, and in the special care unit, I needed to make sure I cleaned my hands and put on the gown, special cover for my shoes and the little cap before I could hold her. “So what if the one I day would forget, would I make her ill and because she’s so little and not developed properly would that mean she could die”, those were the kind of thoughts I had then and I guess they just grew from there.

Being in a bad relationship didn’t help, there were a lot more “what ifs”. In fact 7 years of “what ifs” and 2 little kids to think and worry about. 

Thanks to my own willingness to finally let go I was able to move on. Now looking back on those events has no meaning and most definitely doesn’t have the same feelings attached. 

It’s not what you think…

When we do our firewalks, Barry often tells the delegates that we don’t just decide to rock up with a bag of coals, we’ve had to go through some rigorous training to get to where we are. Walking on fire isn’t about walking on hot coals, it’s about our belief system.

It’s about all the things we didn’t believe we couldn’t do, but if we just take action and push through those limiting beliefs we can achieve what we set our mind to.

One thought away from being ok…

There were times when during the training I thought “No way, I can’t do that” and I’d go up to give it a go, in my head thinking “I’ll be the only one in the group who can’t do this and everyone will laugh” or “What if I break my hand”, that was when I was faced with a brick break. 

Most of the time I was worried about when we had our “chats” at the end of the day. I mean when you’re with a group of people you don’t know and each day you’re having to open up about “stuff”. You know the kind of “stuff” you only ever tell your closest friend. How much do you tell them without them thinking you’re a proper basket case? It’s not until you’re there that you realise that everyone is in a similar place, going through a similar journey and you have a hell of a lot more in common than you actually realised. 

Each morning I’d wake up worrying about what was coming that day and each night I’d go to bed thinking “That wasn’t as bad as I thought” and sometimes just relieved to get all that “s**t” out. 

So trust me when I say I know what you are going through. Depression, anxiety, panic attacks, anorexia, bad relationships, and bad childhood memories.  My words to you are this…What I do works, and what I do changes you…trust the process. You are only one thought away from being ok.