The Road Ahead Was Clearer Than She Thought.

It was a Monday evening and I was out for my usual evening walk when my phone rang. It was an ex-client.

Tracy had used our services before to get rid of a spider phobia. She contacted me to see if I could do anything about her “phobia” of going on her motorbike.

Shall We Begin…

Tracy had had an accident a couple of years previously where she’d fallen off her bike and she was frightened to get back on it. She asked if I could help. I was given a brief background on what had happened. I told her over the phone that yes I could help, and she burst into tears. We arranged for me to call her back once I was home.

When she turned up for her session, I could see that she was nervous. During the session, Tracy was very anxious. She kept rubbing her legs, her heart was racing and her palms were sweaty, she was shaking and holding on to her stomach. She cried whilst explaining to me how she was feeling, about the dialogue going on in her head. As a keen biker, she had missed 2 seasons of biking. Her confidence levels were very low. Her G.P. had diagnosed her with an Anxiety disorder

Once I heard her story, I knew it wasn’t a phobia. Our session started with brief hypnosis, just to get her to feel more relaxed before moving onto a technique called Kinetic Shift.

 I asked her where in her body was her feeling and asked her to give it a number. Tracy started on a 6-7, on the SUD (Subjective Units of Distress) scale of 0 – 10. Then we began the process of removing those feelings using how her unconscious mind was thinking.

Each time we did the process Tracy felt a difference. I could see a smile start to begin on her face. She got down to a 1 but wanted that to go too, so we continued working on that feeling. It was like watching someone take a big sigh of relief as the last of those feelings had gone. After that round, she got herself back up to a 4 on the SUD scale, by thinking of going out on her bike. We worked on that and did some more backfill and got rid of it. 

The Driving Test

After that, we talked more about her going back on her motorbike and how she felt now. She said she was “nervous”, but she realised she wasn’t crying whilst thinking about it. She “definitely felt calmer”. 

I asked her to visualise putting on her helmet and her gear. She felt good, albeit a little confused. Thinking about it, she said she could feel the “shift” and pointed to her stomach, where she had previously felt the anxiety. She kept trying to make sense of what had just happened.

The Results Were In

The weather conditions that day were exactly like they had been on the day she had the accident, it was pouring down with rain, and she knew the roads would be a bit slippy. Tracy had arranged for someone to bring her motorbike up for her, at the end of the session I asked her if she felt she could go out there and go on her bike. She said she thought she could. She kept saying “WOW”, she said she couldn’t explain it “it was like a switch had been flicked”

We left the therapy room, Tracy got all her gear on, went outside and got on her bike, smiled and drove off to the park along the road. I joined her there and she just couldn’t believe the difference, this time the tears were tears of joy.

I watched as she drove home on her motorbike.

Tracy kept me updated on her progress for the next few weeks, sending me pictures of her on an even bigger motorbike, she couldn’t believe the difference one session had made to her.