My New Life Began


After Barry and I had only been together a few months he moved in.


As my relationship with Barry, grew so did the girls, they were 7 & 9 by this time. It had changed so much, that one day they asked if they could call him dad, which he was more than happy with.


The girls were going through their own problems with their biological father. He made out he wanted to spend time with them, but would make excuses not to see them. By this time they decided they no longer wanted anything to do with him.


It was a long slow process for me to learn to trust a man again, in fact, I’m sure if you asked Barry, he would tell you it took at least 8 years, but as I learnt to trust him more my need for anti-depressants lessened. I woke up one day and decided enough was enough, that it wasn’t the life I wanted to live. So I took myself off them.


Yes, I had bad days, and days where I felt useless and that I couldn’t go on, and I’d also at some point been referred to a CBT Counsellor, but I would just tell them what they wanted to hear so that I could get out… I made up my mind I wasn’t going to let those days win. I’d take myself out for long walks or drive to visit a friend so I could pour my heart out. I got through it by choice; by deciding that I was going to be happy, that I was fed up being miserable… I bloody well deserved some happiness in my life.


And from there it’s just grown, Barry and I have had struggles, but we’ve never fought. We’ve disagreed but never argued. Things just feel right.  We always had meaningful conversations to solve any issues we had.


We “get” each other. He has a heart of gold and has only ever done the right thing for me and our girls… they still call him dad because he is dad…


”Any man can be a father but it takes someone special to be a dad.”  


My heart fills with so much pride in having him in our lives, and that’s where all change has to come from… from the heart. He’s my best friend, as well as my husband. Someone was once surprised to find out we were married, “because we were too happy”. We spend a lot of our time together, and as someone else once said “you’re a cool couple”. He’s the ‘ying’ to my ‘yang’, “a match made in heaven”, I was told by a psychic. We often finish each other’s sentences.


I’ve learnt so much on my journey with hypnosis and NLP, so much about myself as well as helping others. Seeing people change their lives for the better, setting themselves free to be who they want to be.


That’s what I want to do, I want to help you realise that you can change, that you can have a better life and not be haunted by the memories.


So don’t be a victim, be a survivor…be the authentic you!


You no longer have to deal with the mental scars of abuse. You can get rid of them so that you too can have your own movie, without any feelings or emotions attached to it, you can be the person you truly want to be…


I can help you achieve that.


Freeing you from the emotions and feelings that were once associated with it.