I recently read an article called “Can You Think Yourself Pregnant?”

My first thought was, that’s a bit odd, why would you do that? Then I read on…

The article explained how bad or negative thoughts can feed to the cells in the body, causing psychological blockages that can stand in the way of becoming pregnant.

I know from several friends who had problems getting pregnant that they tried to eat healthily, and take extra vitamins,  knowing it was important that they looked after themselves physically. Some, even had reflexology to try to help them conceive.

But what about the health of your mind?

What about all the negative emotions that trying to conceive can bring?

For many couples, the pleasure of conceiving has gone because they get so focused on the production. It can cause stress, anxiety and even depression. For some women, negative pregnancy tests time after time can have an effect on their emotions. All these have an effect on your reproductive health and can cause a hormonal imbalance that can prevent ovulation.

Having a calm mind can have positive influences.

Hypnotherapy is a way of helping you to reduce stress, and boost positivity. Not only can it help if the woman is struggling to conceive, perhaps caused by some deep-rooted fears, but it can also help if the man’s sperm count is low due to stress or anxiety.

So if you or someone you know is struggling to conceive then perhaps hypnotherapy is the answer.

Take back control of your body and mind. Becoming pregnant can create some very emotional thoughts, but you can still choose how you feel about them, which will play a part in the outcome you get.